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Kārlis Auziņš is a Latvian saxophonist working mostly in the realm of contemporary jazz and improvised music. He has graduated from Conservatory of Amsterdam as well as Rhytmic Music Conservaroty in Copenhagen and currently is an active member of the European and Scandinavian jazz scene. Kārlis is mostly known from projects like Auziņš⋅Čudars⋅Arutyunyan, Karlis Auzins Quartet, Mount Meander, Keno Harriehausen Quartet, Own Your Bones as well as his Solo, all of which have been documented in albums that have had a lot of recognition from music critics around the world. Karlis’s Solo album and his debut has been nominated as the best Jazz album of the year at the annual Latvian music recording award “Zelta Mikrofons” and album “Baltic” from Auziņš⋅Čudars⋅Arutyunyan has won the first price at the same nomination.

Among many others, Karlis has played with such musicians as Carsten Dahl, Jakob Høyer, Artur Tuznik, Michael Moore, Achim Kaufmann, Emanuele Manicalco (ECM), Frederik Lundin, Clemens van der Feen, performing all around Europe and Scandinavia.

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