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Kārlis Auziņš solo

In his solo Karlis explores the acoustic sound possibilities of saxophone, using them in both compositional and improvisational context. In the solo performances he strives to create a world which exists out of time and space. 

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Kārlis Auziņš | Rihards Plešanovs

This duo with a great classical pianist Rihards Plešanovs performs "Still Nature" -

a musical piece for saxophone and prepared piano composed by Kārlis Auziņš.

Still Nature is a meditation, a fluctuation between conscious and subconscious, it is an observation of one's inner and outer worlds and impulses from them translated into sonorities of prepared piano and extended techniques of saxophone.
This composition is a continuation of my practical and compositional research within the sonic possibilities of saxophone, that was documented in my solo album "Oneness and The Transcendent Truth". In this case I also added (prepared) piano to create a different world of sounds coming from these two instruments and hopefully, through the unconventional paths, take the listener on a journey.


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Latvian experimental jazz trio based in Riga. Here all three musicians explore the different universes of their original compositions composed mainly by Matīss and Karlis.

Kārlis Auziņš - saxophone

Matīss Čudars - guitar

Ivars Arutyunyan


Karlis Auzins quartet

This is a quartet that plays music composed by Karlis, where compositions are a starting point for an improvisational journey.

Karlis Auzins - saxophones

Artur Tuznik - piano

Joel Illerhag - bass

Simon Olderskog Albertsen - drums


Mount Meander

Improvisational music or instant composition collective formed by four like-minded musicians. Their music is a journey into unknown tearing down barriers between jazz, the avant-garde, world music, rock and pop. This music isn't about genres. It's all about unity, equality, trust and communication.

Karlis Auzins - saxophones

Lucas Leidinger - piano

Tomo Jacobson - bass

Thomas Sauerborn - drums

Mount MEander _ Malwa Grabowska Foto 1.jpg
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